Mitsui Seiki

A Mitsui Seiki machine is created with a combination of highly advanced design, engineering, processing, assembling and measuring skills. In addition, an optimal factory environment that takes into consideration factors such as temperature is essential. Our dexterous skills handed down over the last 70 years, and our factory environment, allow Mitsui Seiki to create these extraordinary machines.

Currently, Mitsui Seiki offers a lineup of machines extending from jig boring machines, jig grinders, horizontal and vertical machining centers, to 5-axis machining centers and screw grinders that support the world’s leading industries.


Mitsui Seiki has been a major machine tool supplier to the aerospace industry for over 30 years. We have enjoyed long-term relationships with the leading OEM commercial aircraft and propulsion manufacturers and the top tier subcontractors.

Mold & Die

The increasing pressure on the mold and die industry to manage costs while improving overall mold quality, demands more precise and productive machining solutions. Mitsui Seiki has established a solid reputation among the world’s innovative manufacturers in this highly competitive industry segment.


Mitsui Seiki’s experience in this growing market sector stems from our own knowledge in the manufacture of both screw compressors and scroll compressors to key markets in Asia. This in-house expertise has allowed us to seamlessly transfer critical know-how and manufacturing needs from our air compressor division to our machine tool division.

Precision Parts

The demand for higher accuracy and precision in North America is definitely growing as the simple parts are being increasingly being sourced overseas in a variety of industries: Aerospace, Electronics, Medical, Gauging, Jigs & Fixtures, Automotive, Instrumentation, and Prototyping.

Machine Tools

In our company profile, we often describe the machine tools we make as “Mother Machines”. This is to say that our equipment is used to machine the critical components of other machines.

Construction Machinery

When one thinks of construction machinery, we generally think big, powerful, heavy duty, and durable.


The semiconductor industry is at the core of innovative computer technology and seems to be evolving on a daily basis. An ever increasing competitive market for larger components with exponentially more processing capability dictate the need for even greater levels of precision and productivity while reducing overall cost.

Special Machinery

As Mitsui Seiki provides a significant number of highly customized machine tools to industry in general, we fully understand the particular nature of this very demanding business sector. The risks associated with manufacturing custom machinery can be daunting. The opportunities for success rest solely on the supplier’s ability to fully understand the customer’s needs, and produce the same flawlessly…within budget.

Mitsui Seiki Product Listing