5 Axis Machining and Automation

In today's machining world we are constantly asked by customers what's new in the industry. As we move into 2016, machine shops must be able to adapt to machinery that will set them apart from the rest. Although there will always be a need for 2 and 3 axis machining, having the right equipment to take your shop to the level of separation from your competition is crucial, and it might be time for you to take the growth into 5 Axis Machining and Automation.

Danha's International is a leader in Western Canada with support in both British Columbia and Alberta for providing solutions of 5 Axis Machining and Automation. With our exclusive product line of 5 Axis solutions and Automation from Mitsui Seiki, Hermle Machine Company, and SNK, we can provide the best solutions to help take your machine shop to the next level.

It's time to set your shop apart. Enter the world of 5 Axis machining and Automation with Danha's International.

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